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Making Storage Easy

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At Killian Storage, we aim to make your storage experience as easy as humanly possible. We care about every little detail of your unique experience and put a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction. 

So Much Stuff And Nowhere To Put It All

Everyone has belongings that they eventually run out of space for and it is not fun moving around everything in your home in hopes of eventually finding just enough space to put something. Or on the inverse, imagine having so many items that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find certain things that you are looking for. We at Killian Storage aim to fix these problems by helping you declutter your home, office, or any other space by keeping the essentials where they need to be while storing your valuable, but less essential items in one of our safe and secure units. 

Long Term Or Short Term We Are Here For You

Taking care of your mess is our top priority and we aim to minimize the amount of stress that you might experience. Whether you are planning on storing with us for a significant amount of time or a relatively brief amount of time, we are here for you. No two people’s circumstances are exactly the same so we make an effort to assist you with whatever comes our way. In fact, we recognize that sometimes you might want to store certain items for a longer amount of time than other items. Even in these cases, we will be here for you. We will guide you along whatever path is right for you and give tips based on our past experiences of working with other customers. 

A Customizable Storage Experience

If your belongings cannot fit into one of our storage units, fear not because we also offer storage for your cars, boats, RVs, ATVs, and other vehicles all within the gate of our facility. We have several different storage options, each designed to help you declutter. We have vehicle storage, which as previously mentioned helps you store your vehicles which you do not have space for on your property. Additionally, we offer climate controlled storage which is great for people who want to be absolutely positive that their belongings will not be harmed by the elements, and non climate controlled storage which is perfect for people who desire to store their belongings on our site and are less concerned about the effects of temperature and humidity on their belongings. Each option gives you the freedom to declutter in their own unique way.

Our Credibility

Killian Storage has been around for nearly 20 years and operates out of the same facility as the Columbia location of The Mobile Attic. We have had experience dealing with a wide range of unique storage circumstances and are ready to serve you no matter how big or small your request might be. We know the ins and outs of the storage world and can offer insight into what options might be best for you. 

Our “Crown Jewel” Lowest Price Guarantee

One primary benefit of storing with us is that we offer a lowest price guarantee. If you find a competitor who is selling the same service as we are, but at a lower price, we at Killian Storage will match that price upon your request!